Beaches Vacation For Families

When you’re looking for the best family vacations in the Caribbean, there’s no place better than Beaches, where our all-inclusive family vacations offer something for everyone, from unlimited land and water sports to gourmet dining choices for every palate. Grown-ups will enjoy up to 13 bars serving premium brand liquors and varietals Mondavi wine. Kids and teens will get a variety of fun activities, with sprawling water parks, Xbox Play Lounge and the Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street®. Best of all, everything is included at our family all-inclusive resorts.

The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car: 9 Tips

Sometimes you just need a set of wheels. But who wants to pay $45 a day or more on a rental car?

The good news: You don’t have to. These nine tricks will help you score a cheap rental car and save money on your next road trip, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a cross-country odyssey.

1. Skip the airport

Sure, renting at the airport is convenient when you’re flying into a new city. But that convenience can come at a premium, thanks to airport surcharges.

We checked rates in March for a Memorial Day visit to Portland, Oregon. An economy rental from Enterprise is $15 per day if you pick it up downtown. The same car is more than $38 per day if you pick it up at the airport. Plus you’ll pay a $6 per day “Customer Facility Charge” and 10% “Concession Recovery Fee” for renting at the airport.

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Cheapest Places to Travel

If you’re a veteran of budget travel, the results of our study shouldn’t shock you.

As expected, travel destinations in Asia dominate the top half of our list. In fact, Asia is home to the cheapest countries in the world – claiming 26 of the 30 cheapest places to travel and all of the top 16. That’s a pretty incredible number.

Travel destinations in Europe and North America are generally the most expensive places to visit. Prague is the most affordable European destination, although it barely cracks the top 35 overall. No destination in the United States is ranked higher than 74th.

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Keep in mind, however, that comparing the best travel destinations by price is extremely relative. When searching for cheap places to travel, numerous factors come into play – including your proximity to the destination and the time of year you plan to visit. Seemingly cheap vacation spots can quickly turn into budget busters if you don’t account for every expense.

So, with dozens of variables at play, how can anybody accurately compare the cheapest travel destinations in the world?

Easy. We had to set some ground rules.

Spicejet Airlines: Air Travel Made Easy

If you are thinking of making it to different locations around the world or within the country then air travel can certainly work out for you. Read on to know more.

Traveling to different locations has been revolutionized by different the invention of different modes of transport. One can now easily travel to different countries within hours and also travel the length and breadth of his own country within no time. This has all been made possible by the invention of air travel which has certainly changed the way we have commuted to different places. If you are thinking of making it to different locations around the world or within the country then air travel can certainly work out for you. All you have to do is get the cheapest airline tickets and you can enjoy flying too.

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Travel Around the World and Be a Story Teller to Others

Penning down your experiences is probabl

y the best way to express as sometimes the happiness comes out more on reading an account. Blogs are thus, a fine way to convey your experiences and messages to other people and travel blogs are some of the most searched of. Before packing your bags and booking your tickets check out the best travel blogs for more information.

A little extra information is always better and the following is a list of a few mad traveller blogs who will help you out on that ‘extra’ before you are off for your trip.

1. Backpackers –

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